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Welcome to the Man With A Van Fun Page

Ahhhh..... Release For A While!!

Well, almost every website has something like this ......at least the ones I visit anyway. Aherrrm!!

I'll keep adding things in here. Whether you're at work or at home, it's a little light relief to put a
smile on your face & brighten up your day for a while. Miniclip.com is a particular favourite of mine
simply because besides the many games on there, there's some REALLY silly stuff too which will
most likely have you laughing your socks off!

Each link opens up in a new window. Well I wouldn't want you closing my page down would I?!?!?

.....oh yes! If any of the links don't work, please can you let me know so I can fix it? Just click here.

I think I've said enough about this one already. Make your own mind up!!
Yahoo Games  
Always a popular one & some great games. Watch the time though!!

Thanks & pop back soon!


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